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Get value out of all your data. Organizations have information about their customers across various internal systems. Additional information is available from third parties and on the web. However, organizations face danger whenever data growth outpaces the understanding of how to process it. With our approach and technology, we work with clients to understand business need and then in collaborative and iterative steps, select the data and models that produce the best results. Finding the meaning in the signals and finding the value in the data requires a combination of human knowledge, the right data, and the latest in machine learning.


With innovation from major players like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and Amazon, the economics of computing have changed: large scale data problems are increasingly handled in the cloud using on-demand, commodity-based hardware with a variety of SQL and non-SQL database technologies and growing library of machine learning techniques. Computing capabilities that were previously reserved for the few organizations that could afford supercomputing solutions can now be available, with the right expertise, to organizations of all sizes.

We founded signal2meaning in the belief that these technologies and techniques can be used across a broad range of business scenarios. In business, it’s about thriving in markets that are smarter and faster than you are – and failing if you don’t know that.

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As an organization, if you’re not using all the available data and growing your analytic capabilities, you can be assured that you will face competitors that will.

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